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Closing out all Lotion Pumps - Final price reductions! All pumps are 2cc, 28mm-400, otherwise stated in description area & each pump comes with 8" long tube.
No returns/refunds/exchanges. All sales are final.

Item #
Qty: 100pc
100pc+ $135.00
Sold by: 100pc
Arched top has narrow rectangular handle Chrome Finished over Food Grade S/S. 2cc.
One only: last 150pc
Qty: 150pc

150pc only $250.00
Sold by 150pc
Take All 150pc
$1.66 ea

One only: last 150pc Arched top has narrow rectangular handle. Copper Finished over Food Grade S/S. Clear collars will work for this item(not very smooth screw in however). We're out of stock for other collars.
Qty: 100pc
$125 for 100pc
Sold by: 100pc
Med-head flat top polished over food grade S/S. 2cc. Glossy like chrome.
Qty: 100 pc
100pc $125.00
Sold by: 100pc
Smaller flat top Chrome plated over Food Grade S/S. 2cc.
Qty: 100pc
$125 per 100pc
Sold by: 100pc
FOAM PUMP 28mm-400(70% Water mix) Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Matte Finish. Only sliding-in to the bottle for this to work. CLEAR collar screws-in but will NOT work for pottery application - Mason jar ok.
Qty: pc
Each pc $0.35
Sold by: ea

Clear plastic Collar 28mm-400 will fit all 28-400 lotion / soap pumps.

Following are Pumps we had carried over the years featured here: Please check back sometime late 2020.