<Our shopping cart is NOT set up for shipping overseas. Please read through before writing for a quote>

Overseas shipping costs are expensive(Canada shipments are slightly less so). 1 lb or less shipping weight(one page of paper document) typically costs $30.00-35.00. Overseas shipping charges are at costs plus $3.00 for administrative fee. Alternatively, if you have friends /relatives in the USA, you'd want to see if they can help with logistics.

Please see below for "general" shipping charge illustration:

  Canada EU / AU / S. America
Order amount vs (Shipping fee)
$1000 ($150)   -   $100($35)
$1000 ($300)    -   $100 ($70)
Transit time
5-8 days
8-12 days

1) Our minimum standard order is $100.00.

*** For samples : We charge $60.00(Merchandise cost under $15.00 & shipping, handling). Please contact us by email.

2) Initial shipping charge estimate : Please email us a complete shopping cart screen shot of your order(copy & paste .. etc) showing qty & pricing as you would in a checkout(It's the last screeen shot before checking out. It'll do the math for you) We'll quote you an estimated shipping charge including packing fee(if applicable). Insurance included for up to $200.00. Additional insurance charge above $200.00 is optional(3%). This estimate is not binding and estimate purpose only.

3) Deposit required for final shipping fee calculation: We'll quote you an estimated shipping charge first, then a final shipping charge will follow only after initial estimate is accepted. However once item is pulled from shelf for final shipping calculation we will charge $35.00 for refusing the order. Please make a refundable deposit in the amount of $35.00 before we'll quote you the final shipping charge(PayPal: ezpots@gmail.com). This deposit will be refunded upon order completion. Please allow us 24-48 hours to determine the exact shipping options and costs.

4) Payments : We only accept PayPal payments for international orders: All quotes are in USD and payments must be made in USD.

5) Canada and international orders are shipped as final and no returns.

*** We'll reply and quote for overseas shipping only when these "The Best Shipping Quote Requested" 5 words are present in the subject line


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